Svalbard and the Polar Areas

In the northern areas and in Antarctica, Norway administers some of the planet´s last great areas with virtually untouched nature. Such areas are of great intrinsic value, at the same time as they are important for the preservation of biological diversity.

Antarktis. Foto: Marie Korsvoll.

The Antarctic

The Antarctic contains some of the last vast undisturbed areas of nature in the world. Plants, animals, ecosystems and cultural heritage in the Antarctic face an unrelenting growing pressure from traffic, environmental toxins and climate change. The cooperation under the Antarctic Treaty is critical to safeguarding the preservation of the natural environment and cultural heritage.

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White paper on the future of Svalbard

11/05/2016: By strengthening research, tourism and the general businesses the government will develop Svalbard further. This is revealed in the White Paper regarding Svalbard presented by the government today.

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White Paper

Update of the integrated management plan for the Barents Sea–Lofoten area including an update of the delimitation of the marginal ice zone

In the present update of the management plan, the Government will focus on the northern/Arctic part of the Barents Sea–Lofoten management plan area.

Svalbard Environmental Protection Act with Regulations

The purpose of this Act is to preserve a virtually untouched environment in Svalbard with respect to continuous areas of wilderness, landscape, flora, fauna and cultural heritage.


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Section for Polar Affairs and the High North

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