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The Ministry of Finance is responsible for planning and implementing the Norwegian economic policy and for coordinating the work with the Fiscal Budget.


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New governance structure for Norges Bank:

The Norwegian Government recommends that the asset management of the Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) remains in Norges Bank

“The Government proposes a new and modernised governance structure for Norges Bank. Moving forward, this new structure lays the foundations for the sound management of the central bank and of the GPFG”, says Minister of Finance Siv Jensen.

Klimarisikoutvalgets rapport blir overlevert


Report from the Climate Risk Commission

The Minister of Finance, Siv Jensen (Progress Party), today received the report on climate-related risk factors and their significance for the Norwegian economy from the Commission Chair, Martin Skancke, MSc (Econ).


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White paper (Meld.St.):

Meld. St. 1 (2018–2019) National Budget 2019

Norway is a country of great opportunities. High labour utilisation and high productivity are the foundations for high economic growth throughout the country. The Government’s eco-nomic policy is based on the premise that wealth needs to be created before it can be shared.

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Meld. St. 14 (2017-2018)

Report to the Storting (white paper)

The report reviews the financial stability outlook, and also includes chapters on the financial markets from an industry perspective and how consumer protection is attended to in financial markets and the need for change. In addition, the report gives an overview of the activities of Norges Bank, Finanstilsynet, Folketrygdfondet and IMF in 2017.

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The most important documents are bills (propositions), white papers, hearing documents and Official Norwegian Reports (NOUs). (These documents are primarily available in Norwegian.)

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