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The Ministry of Finance is responsible for planning and implementing the Norwegian economic policy and for coordinating the work with the Fiscal Budget.


Illustrasjonsbilde. Foto: Norges Bank


New requirements on banks’ contingency arrangements for cash

Today, the Ministry of Finance has clarified in a regulation that banks are required to have arrangements in place to be able to meet increased demand for cash owed to disruptions in the electronic payment systems.

Illustrasjonsbilde for meldingen til Statens pensjonsfond 2018. Av Remi Thoresen, 07 Media AS

Press release 10.04.2018:

Sound and responsible management of the Government Pension Fund

"The management of our joint savings is sound. The Fund is managed in a transparent, responsible, long-term and cost-effective manner. Both Norges Bank and Folketrygdfondet have performed well over time", says Siv Jensen, Minister of Finance.


Illustrasjonsbilde for meldingen til Statens pensjonsfond 2018. Av Remi Thoresen, 07 Media AS

Meld. St. 13 (2017-2018)

Report to the Storting (white paper)

The purpose of the Government Pension Fund is to support long-term considerations in the government’s spending of petroleum revenues, as well as savings to finance pension expenditure under the National Insurance Scheme. Sound long-term management will help ensure that Norway’s petroleum wealth can benefit both current and future generations. The Government Pension Fund comprises the Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) and the Government Pension Fund Norway (GPFN). The funds are managed by Norges Bank and Folketrygdfondet, respectively, under mandates laid down by the Ministry of Finance.

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