Direct and indirect taxes

Direct and indirect taxes are the main sources of revenue for central, local and regional government.

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Illustrasjon for statsbudsjettet 2019

National Budget 2019:

A budget to promote employment, welfare and security

"The Norwegian economy is doing well. Businesses are investing more and employment is rising throughout the country. We are using the good times to secure a sustainable welfare state and a safer Norway", says Minister of Finance Siv Jensen.

Press release:

Agreement with China to renegotiate tax treaty

China and Norway agree to renegotiate the tax treaty between the two countries. This became clear during a meeting between China's tax minister Wang Jun and Finance Minister Siv Jensen on Wednesday.


National Budget 2019:

Prop. 1 LS (2018 – 2019) Taxes 2019

Proposition to the Storting (bill and draft resolution) for the fiscal year 2019


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