Direct and indirect taxes

Direct and indirect taxes are the main sources of revenue for central, local and regional government.

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Illustrasjon for Statsbudsjettet 2020

National Budget 2020:

A budget to promote employment and welfare

The Norwegian economy is in its third year of economic expansion. Employment growth is strong and the registered unemployment rate has fallen to levels last seen in 2008. Non-oil business investments are at a 10-year high. These positive developments are expected to continue. Non-oil GDP is projected to increase by 2.7 per cent this year and 2.5 per cent next year.

Press release:

Agreement with China to renegotiate tax treaty

China and Norway agree to renegotiate the tax treaty between the two countries. This became clear during a meeting between China's tax minister Wang Jun and Finance Minister Siv Jensen on Wednesday.


National Budget 2020:

Prop. 1 LS (2019-2020) Taxes 2020

The Government will use the tax system to fund public goods and services, ensure social mobility, achieve more efficient resource allocation and improve conditions for Norwegian businesses.

National Budget 2020:

Meld. St. 1 (2019–2020) National Budget 2020

The Norwegian economy is performing well. Unemployment is low, and new jobs are created in both rural and urban areas. This contributes to the sustainability of our welfare society.


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