Culture, sports and non-profit work

The cultural sector should be diverse, strong and independent. Culture expands our understanding of ourselves and the society in which we live. Sport and physical activity have great intrinsic value. Top-level and recreational sports should complement one another. The voluntary sector is important for both individuals and society as a whole.

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Cultural policy


The Ministry of Culture and Equality is responsible for the development of national cultural policy through legal and financial instruments.

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Sports policy


The Ministry of Culture and Equality has overall responsibility for the administration of profits generated by Norsk Tipping AS (Norway’s national lottery and gaming provider) for investment in sporting activities.

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The voluntary sector


Voluntary organizations contribute to competence, learning and inclusion and give people of all ages the opportunity to meet, get involved and be a part of a community. The government wants to ensure voluntary work good funding, great freedom and a central place in society.

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