International cultural engagement

The Government attaches great importance to helping Norwegian artists, writers, architects, designers, musicians and other practitioners of the creative arts to gain a foothold on the international stage. The Government also seeks to strengthen the cultural sector in developing countries through multilateral cooperation and bilateral projects.

From the ballet Mini Macho by Kjersti Alveberg.

International cultural engagement

The primary objective of the Government's efforts to promote Norwegian culture internationally is to help Norwegian artists to gain access to key arenas abroad and thus reach a wider audience.

The Temple of Bel in the historical city of Palmyra before its destruction in 2015.

The cultural sector in developing countries

Norwegian aid to the cultural sector in developing countries aims to strengthen democracy and respect for human rights. A free and independent cultural sector has an important part to play in ensuring respect for, and observance of, fundamental human fights, and helps to promote employment, growth, dialogue and free debate.

State Secretary Marianne Hagen held the opening statement at the Frankfurt Book Fair on 11 October 2018.

Norway prepares for 2019 Frankfurt Book Fair

I am happy to announce that in 2019, here in Frankfurt, we will present Norwegian literature to the world in a more extensive way than ever before. Moreover, the works of Norwegian writers will be widely available through literary festivals, houses of literature, bookshops and book fairs all over Germany, State Secretary Marianne Hagen said in her 2018 address.


Grants an effectiv tool for strengthening relations

The EEA and Norway Grants are an effective tool for strengthening relations between Norway and the beneficiary countries, an independent evaluation has concluded.

Conserving Jewish cultural heritage in Europe

With help from Norwegian construction students, one of the oldest wooden synagogue in the Baltics have been restored. When the ‘Green Synagogue’ opened to the public it was barely recognisable.

Foreign Minister returns stolen cultural artefact

The illicit trade in cultural artefacts is a global problem and helps to finance international crime. Therefore Norway and the minister return a sculpture to the authorities in Myanmar and hope this will set an example for others to follow.

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