Ministry of Education and Research

Ministry of Education and Research is responsible for primary and secondary school, upper secondary and tertiary vocational education and higher education sectors,  kindergartens, cultural schools, vocational education and training and adult learning. The Ministry is also responsible for research and integration.


Bilde av nye statsråder

Changes in the Ministry

2018-01-18: In an extraordinary session of the Council of State , the King has made changes in the Government. The Ministry of Education and Research now has two ministers and integration as a new responsibility.

Bilde av barn

Enhancing kindergarten efforts relating to diversity and the youngest children

The Minister of Education and Research has circulated a proposal for a new framework plan for kindergartens for consultative review.

Illustrasjonsbilde forside kvalitetsmeldingen


Quality Culture in Higher Education

2017-01-27: Government’s expectations of higher education institutions concerning their work on raising quality in higher education, and the measures that the Government will implement in order to realise these expectations.

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Illustrasjonsbilde forskning

Long-term plan for research and higher education 2015–2024

The Government has high ambitions as regards the Norwegian knowledge society. In line with the Sundvolden Declaration, the Government will pursue a targeted commitment to research and higher education.

Illustrasjonsbilde forskning

Strategy for research and innovation cooperation with the EU

The Government’s goals and ambitions for Norway’s participation in Horizon 2020 and the European Research Area (ERA).

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