Ministry of Education and Research

Tonje Brenna (Lab.)

Minister of Education

Ola Borten Moe (Cent.)

Minister of Research and Higher Education

Ministry of Education and Research is responsible for primary and secondary school, upper secondary and tertiary vocational education and higher education sectors,  kindergartens, cultural schools, vocational education and training and adult learning.

News from the Ministry

Government changes admission rules for refugees who want to study

10/07/2022: It will now be easier for refugees to be admitted to higher education in Norway. As a temporary arrangement, displaced people without a Higher Education Entrance Qualification may apply for a place at a higher education institution.

Most teachers and nurses live in their home county after completing their studies

03/03/2022: A new report from Statistics Norway shows that people who train to become preschool teachers, teachers, nurses and social workers are more likely to study in their home county and remain there after completing their education. One important reason for this is the access to decentralised higher education.