Efforts to create the inclusive knowledge society must start early, and the government prioritises to lift the quality in the kindergarten sector. All kindergarten children must have a safe environment for development and learning in excellent kindergartens with enough staff with good expertise.

Funding of Kindergartens

The government's goal is that kindergartens should be available to all children regardless of their parents' finances.

Quality in Kindergartens

Kindergartens should lay good foundations for further development and learning.

Admission to places

The entitlement to a place in a kindergarten applies to children who turn one year old no later than the end of August in the year that they apply for a place.

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Education provides opportunities for all

The government prioritises continuing education for teachers, raising quality in day-care institutions and more funding for research and higher education in the national budget for 2015.

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Kindergarten Act

Kindergartens shall provide children under compulsory school age with good opportunities for development and activity in close understanding and collaboration with the children's homes.

OECD – Thematic Review of Early Education and Care Policy in Norway 2015

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has performed a review of Norway's Early Education and Care (ECEC) policy, and the analysis and recommendations were published in June 2015 in the report "Early Childhood Education and Care Policy Review NORWAY"

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