The principal objective of Norwegian security policy is to safeguard Norway’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and political freedom of action.

“A stronger NATO”

NATO’s ability to respond rapidly to crisis situations and challenges on NATO’s periphery were at the top of the agenda when NATO defence ministers met in Brussels on 5 February.

NATO says ‘Yes’ to major exercise in Norway in 2018

Brussels: One of NATO’s key goals is to exercise more. NATO has now agreed to a Norwegian offer to host a major, high-visibility exercise in the alliance’s northernmost area in 2018. “Good news for Norway and important for the armed forces,” says Norway’s Minister of Defence, Ine Eriksen Søreide.

Akershus Festning

Government Proposes 3.4% Defence Budget Increase in 2015

The Norwegian Government proposes to increase the defence budget by 3.4% in 2015, amounting to a total of NOK 1.460 billion. The budget ensures a considerable investment in relevant and modern capabilities that will ensure ensure enhanced operational abilities for the Norwegian Armed Forces. The Government will also strengthen the ability of the Armed Forces to contribute to societal security, through measures such as a higher level of readiness for the Air Force’s helicopters at Rygge and Bardufoss.

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Integrity Action Plan Handbook

The Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector (CIDS) and Transparency International UK’s Defence and Security Programme (TI-DSP) are proud to present the first-ever practical handbook on how to develop an integrity action plan for the defence sector.

Annual report NORDEFCO 2014

The Nordic Defense Cooperation NORDEFCO produces tangible results through intensified security political dialogue, capacity building activities, training and exercises, capability development and armaments cooperation, as well as cooperation in military operations.

Future submarine capability

A project led by the Ministry of Defence has since 2007 studied Norway’s future submarine capability. Several options have been looked at in the process. The Government has now decided that the project will enter a definition phase and evaluate an acquisition of new submarines to replace the existing Ula-class when it becomes obsolete.

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