The principal objective of Norwegian security policy is to safeguard Norway’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and political freedom of action.

Soldater fra de tre forsvarsgrenene Hær, Sjø og Luft sammen på Akershus festning ifm innføringen av allmen verneplikt

Norway increases defence spending to strengthen its capability and readiness

Today the Norwegian government presented the new Long Term Plan for the Norwegian Armed Forces. A continued increase in defence spending will strengthen the readiness and endurance of the Norwegian Armed Forces and reduce operational gaps.

F-35 take off fra Luke

New Combat Aircraft for the Norwegian Armed Forces

Welcome to, the Norwegian Ministry of Defence's homepage for the acquisition of new combat aircraft for the Norwegian Armed Forces. Norway plans an acquisition of up to 52 F-35A.

"Kampkraft og bærekraft"

Long Term Defence Plan adopted

On 15 November the Storting adopted Norway’s new Long Term Defence Plan. Now begins the job of putting the contents of the plan into effect. This article explains a bit about the way forward.

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