Norwegian support to Ukraine and neighbouring countries

This is an overview of Norway’s support to Ukraine and other countries affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Norwegian prime minister Jonas Gahr Støre in Kyiv July 1st 2022.
Norwegian prime minister Jonas Gahr Støre in Kyiv July 1st 2022. Credit: President's press office, Ukraine

For the period 2023-2027 there is political agreement on a multi-year support programme for Ukraine, at 75 billion kroner, distributed over five years (around 15 billion kroner per year). 

Some of the funds will also go to other countries in the region that have been affected by the war, for instance Moldova.

Total Norwegian support and pledges for 2022-2027:

  • 2022: 10.7 billion
  • 2023 - 2027: 75 billion.

All amounts in NOK.

Around 19.9 billion kroner were provided in 2023. Roughly 8.9 billion as civilian and humanitarian support, and 11 billion as military support.

Civilian support, including humanitarian support, to Ukraine and neighbouring countries: 8.7 billion

Starting in 2023, Norwegian aid to Ukraine throught the Nansen programme is administered by Norad.

  • Civilian support through the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and others: 5.4 billion
  • Humanitarian support through the United Nations, the Red Cross Movement, Norwegian and other humanitarian organizations, as well as medical evacuation through the EU's Civil Protection Mechanism: 2.8 billion
    • Of this, 400 million went to humanitarian support to refugees in Ukraine's neighbouring countries, including 275 million to Moldova
  • Civilian support to Moldova: 520 million

Total administered by Norad: 8.7 billion

Civilian support administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, not by Norad: 180 million 

  • Approximately 180 million in EEA Grants to the support of Ukrainian refugees in Poland, Romania and other EEA countries.

Military support:

    • 10 billion in military support through the Nansen programme.
    • 1 billion in military support outside the Nansen programme.

Total military support: 11 billion

Total civilian, humanitarian and military support: Approximately 19.9 billion

Selected press releases:

Civilian and humanitarian support 2022 - total value approximately 6.3 billion:

  • Humanitarian support in 2022: Approximately 2.6 billion kroner.
    • The United Nations system: 1.26 billion kroner.
    • The Red Cross: 310 million kroner.
    • Norwegian and international humanitarian organizations: 660,5 million kroner.
    • EU civil protection mechanism (UCPM): 365 million kroner.

  • Other civilian support in 2022: Approximately 3.7 billion kroner.
    • Purchase of gas for Ukraine through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: 2 billion kroner.
    • Support to Ukraine through the World Bank: 1.3 billion kroner.
    • Support to Moldova through the World Bank: 150 million kroner. (Press releases from April and October, with information on the 50 and 100 million respectively).
    • EEA Grants to the support of Ukrainian refugees in Poland, Romania and other EEA countries: 130 million kroner.
    • Support to Ukrainian farmers through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: 50 million kroner.
    • Support to nuclear safety in Ukraine: 37.1 million kroner.
    • Support for sustainable reconstruction of infrastructure in Ukraine through the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation: 30 million kroner.
    • Support of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee's work in documenting war crimes in Ukraine: 6.25 millioner kroner.
    • Purchase of tents, ovens, mattresses and similar items to Ukraine in cooperation with Nord University: 5 million kroner.

Military support 2022-2023 - total value approximately 4.4 billion kroner:

Detailed allocation:

Humanitarian assistance:

  • United Nations system: 1.26 billion kroner.
    • UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA): 150.75 million kroner.
    • UN Children's Fund (Unicef): 133 million kroner.
    • UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR): 250 million kroner.
    • UN Population Fund (UNFPA): 65 million kroner.
    • UN Development Programme (UNDP): 53 million kroner.
    • International Organization for Migration (IOM): 142 million kroner.
    • World Food Programme (WFP): 410 million kroner.
    • World Health Organization (WHO): 55 million kroner.

  • International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement: 310 million kroner.
    • International Committee of the Red Cross: NOK 210 million.
    • International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies: NOK 100 million.
  • Norwegian and International Organizations: 660.5 million kroner.
    • Caritas: 60 million kroner.
    • Norwegian Refugee Council: 245.9 million kroner.
    • Geneva Call: 3 million kroner.
    • Halo Trust: 24.4 million kroner.
    • Norwegian Church Aid: 60 million kroner.
    • Norcap: 35 million kroner.
    • Norwegian Red Cross: 111 million kroner.
    • Norwegian People's Aid: 95 million kroner.
    • Save The Children Norway: 26.2 millior kroner.
  • EU Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM): 365 million kroner.

Other civilian support:

  • Purchase of gas for Ukraine through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: 2 billion kroner.
  • Support to Ukraine through the World Bank: 1.3 billion kroner.
  • Support to Moldova through the World Bank: 150 million kroner.
  • Support to Ukrainian farmers through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: 50 million kroner.
  • Support of nuclear safety in Ukraine37.1 million kroner.
    • This includes power generators, communications equipment, beds, sleeping bags, measuring equipment and other donations.
  • EEA Grants: 130 million kroner.
    • Most of these funds have benefitted Ukrainian refugees in Poland and Romania. Includes i.a. teaching of Ukrainian children, food, shelter and medical equipment.
  • Norwegian Helsinki Committee: 6.25 million kroner.
  • Support for sustainable reconstruction of infrastructure in Ukraine through the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation: 30 million kroner.
  • Purchase of tents, ovens, mattresses and similar items to Ukraine in cooperation with Nord University: 5 million kroner.

Military equipment and training:


Other assistance, not sorted by year:

  • Experts: Norway has deployed several experts to the EU's crisis coordination centre to assist medical evacuation. Others have been deployed to the medical hub in Poland.
  • Since August 2022, Norway has been providing regular weekly flights to evacuate Ukrainian patients to countries across Europe. In response to the request of the EU, the Norwegian Government has decided to extend the medical evacuation operation until February 2024. 

    Number of patients and next of kin transported as of December 6th 2023:
    • Transports to Norway: 
      • 343 patients arrived in Norway.
      • 204 next of kin arrived in Norway.
    • Transports to other countries:
      • 7091 patients transported by Norway to other UCPM countries (Denmark, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, France, Croatia).
      • 397 next of kin transported by Norway to other UCPM countries.

To Ukraine:

  • Medical supplies: Supplies for 100 inpatients for 10 days, 10 tonnes of supplies.
  • Medicines/pharmaceutical products: 53 tonnes of a variety of medicines and pharmaceutical products sent on 175 pallets. These were provided by the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the regional health authorities.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)/infection control equipment: PPE such as smocks, gloves and masks sent on 239 pallets was provided by the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the regional health authorities.
  • Ambulances: 4 ambulances provided by the Central Norway Regional Health Authority. 8 ambulances provided by the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. 15 ambulances provided by other health authorities.
  • Firefighting foam: 12 tonnes of firefighting foam provided by the Eidfjord municipal fire department and Nordic Fire and Security in Ågotnes, near Bergen.
  • CBRN protective equipment: approximately 1250 protective suits and masks donated to Ukraine.
  • ICT/PC equipment: 12 laptops and computer equipment (total 112 kilos) donated by ConocoPhillips. 
  • Medicines: 10 tonnes of medicines, 69 pallets, donated to Ukraine.
  • Medicines: An additional 28 tonnes of medicines and vaccines from the health sector.
  • Sandbags: A donation of 40.000 sandbags from the Norwegian Civil Defence for protection of cultural heritage sites arrived in Poland on 4 May.
  • Ambulance buses: Norway has donated five ambulance buses to Ukraine.
  • CBRN/Fullers earth: 3000 bottles and 3000 bags of Fullers earth donated by the Norwegian Civil Defence. An additional 3500 bottles of Fullers earth donated.
  • Medical equipment: Various medical equipment, including refrigerators for blood storage.
  • Vaccination equipment: 360 cubic metres of equipment, weighing close to 100 tons, has arrived in Poland.
  • FFP3 masks and Covid-19 tests: 1 505 000 FFP3 masks and 1 500 000 Covid-19 rapid tests.
  • Bridges: Norway has transported bridges to Ukraine.
  • Clothes, first aid kits, wool blankets: Four trucks with various winter equipment, valued at approximately 4 million kroner, was shipped by lorries to Ukraine in december. 
  • Sleeping bags, field kitchen utensils, power generator: Shipped to Poland in late november for further transport to Ukraine.
  • Equipment for electricity transmission: The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate has coordinated a major donation of equipment from several actors. 47 Norwegian entities have shipped material from the Norwegian energy sector to Ukraine.
  • Cars, trailers, ATVs: Elvia has offered 13 cars, 6 trailers and 2 ATVs. Transported in January 2023. Statkraft has donated 14 cars. Nordre Follo municipality has donated one car. Noranett has donated one car. 1 truck donated by Narvik harbour.
  • Work clothes. Statkraft has donated various clothing items.. Linea has donated work clothes for electricians. 
  • Ultrasound equipment: Telemark Hospital has donated 10 ultrasound machines. Transported in February 2023.
  • Sleeping bags: The Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency and The Ministry of Defence have donated 6201 sleeping bags.
  • Flood protection equipment: Fire stations in Vestfold and Telemark have donated three containers of flood protection equipment.
  • Life vests: 390 life vests donated by the Norwegian Civil Defence.
  • Water pumps: The Norwegian Coastal Administration has donated 12 water pumps.
  • Telecom equipment: 5 pallets of telecom equipment donated by Viken Fiber. 130 Huawei radios donated by Telenor. 3 pallets of wifi-equipment from Trollfjord Bredbånd AS.
  • Gloves: 378 000 gloves donated by the Norwegian health sector.
  • Firewood: 1144 40-litre bags with firewood from Baltic Trade.

To Moldova:

  • Tents and camp beds: 40 tents and 330 camp beds have been donated and delivered to Moldova, for use by Ukrainian refugees. The equipment was provided by the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB) through the Norwegian Civil Defence.
  • Personal hygiene articles: 5000 personal hygiene items for Ukrainian refugees were transported together with tents and camp beds. Donated by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.

To Slovakia:

  • Medicines and vaccines: A large shipment of medicines and vaccines, organised via the Norwegian Directorate of Health; 600 kilos on 5 pallets.

To Lithuania:

  • Beds and mattresses: 1 517 mattresses and 611 bunk beds for use by refugees from Ukraine. Donated by the Norwegian directorate of immigration.

To Poland:

  • Experts: Norway has sent three medical experts and two team leders to the EU Civil Protection Team in Poland.
  • Emergency Medical Team Coordination Cell: Norway has sent one Emergency Medical Team coordinator to Poland.
    • Norway has also deployed one expert to the medical hub in Poland.


Updated April 19th 2022: Additional humanitarian support.

Updated April 20th 2022: Norway donates an air defense system to Ukraine.

Updated April 27th 2022: Norway will contribute to a fund to coordinate acquisition of military equipment for Ukraine

Updated May 11th 2022: 300 million NOK to the Ukrainian government administration. 50 million NOK to Ukrainian farmers. Added section on Human rights, freedom of expression and cultural heritage.

Updated June 11th 2022: Medicines and vaccines to Slovakia. Howitzers, CBRN equipment, sandbags and firefighting foam to Ukraine. Updates on humanitarian assistance and budget support. 

Updated June 29th 2022: Norway and the United Kingdom will cooperate on the donation of long-range rocket artillery (MLRS) to Ukraine.

Updated July 2nd 2022: Updated humanitarian figures and UCPM support.

Updated August 8th 2022: Donation of Armoured Vehicles to Ukraine.

Updated August 12th 2022: Training of Ukrainian soldiers in the UK.

Updated August 19th 2022: Fullers earth.

Updated August 24th 2022: Donation of drones.

Updated August 25th 2022: Donation of ambulance buses.

Updated August 30th 2022: The Norwegian Government is proposing to provide NOK 2 billion to help ensure that Ukrainians have access to natural gas in the coming winter.

Updated September 8th 2022: Donation of Hellfire missiles to Ukraine. Donation through UCPM to Ukraina: Equipment for transfer of  overføring av strøm, medisinsk utstyr og vaksinasjonsutstyr.

Updated September 14th 2022: 7 million to Norcap.

Updated September 16th 2022: Added medevac section.

Updated October 2nd 2022: 3 billion NOK in military support to Ukraine. Increased humanitarian support. Norwegian expert deployed to medical hub in Poland. Updated Medevac numbers + Donation of artillery systems to Ukraine

Updated October 20th 2022: Updated OCHA number. 

Updated November 4th 2022: Added summaries at the top.

Updated November 28th 2022: 150 million NOK to EU training mission. UCPM aid to Lithuania. Military support: Part-finance of Estonian field hospital to Ukraine. Donation of 5 military ambulance buses.

Updated November 29th 2022: Medevac: Norway has deployed three experts to the EU.

Updated December 1st 2022: Norway will purchase M72 anti-tank weapons and M141 rocket launchers for 280 million kroner and donate them to Ukraine.

Updated December 14th 2022: Value of military equipment donations. More detailed disbursements of humanitarian aid and other civilians upport. EEA grants and nuclear safety added. New MEDEVAC numbers. Allocations to refugee costs in Norway removed.

Updated December 21st 2022: Updated Medevac numbers. UCPM: Number of ambulance buses delivered to Ukraine increased from three to four.

Updated January 6th 2023: 10 000 artillery shells to Ukraine. Updated Medevac numbers. UCPM updates.

Updated February 20th 2023: Information on additional 75 billion kroner. Added boxes for individual years.

Updated February 23rd 2023: Updated Medevac figures.

Updated February 27nd 2023: Updated UCPM deliveries. 400 million kroner to OCHA.

Updated March 13th 2023: In cooperation with the United States, Norway will provide Ukraine with two NASAMS firing units. They will come in addition to the two firing units provided by the United States last fall. 

Updated March 23, 2023: Norway to provide NOK 2 billion to support Ukrainian government administration. Norway extends agreement on medical evacuation from Ukraine.

Updated March 29, 2023: New numbers on medical evacuations and donations of electrical equipment.

Updated April 11, 2023: Norway and Denmark will donate 8,000 artillery rounds to Ukraine.

Updated April 24, 2023: New Medevac figures. New figures on donations (UCPM) of electrical equipment and vehicles.

Updated May 19th, 2023: New artillery donation. New Medevac figures. New figures on donations (UCPM) of electrical equipment and vehicles.

Updated June 1st, 2023: 500 million NOK to Moldova. Updated figures on medical evacuations.

Updated June 13th, 2023: 150 million in support to victims of flooding in Ukraine. 50 million to Ukraine through the OECD.

Updated June 15th, 2023: 9,000 rounds of artillery to Ukraine. Support to military equipment through the IFU.

Updated June 29th, 2023: UCPM: Additional ambulances. Additional vehicles donated by Statkraft. Additional electrical equipment and sleeping bags. Updated Medevac numbers.

Updated June 30th, 2023: Norway to provide NOK 250 million for nuclear safety and security in Ukraine. Norway will provide NOK 300 million to fund war risk insurance and guarantee schemes for the private sector.

Updated August 2nd, 2023: Updated Medevac numbers. Additional donations of one vehicle, life vests, electrical transmission equipment, and Fullers earth.

Updated August 24th, 2023: Norway plans to donate F-16 planes to Ukraine. Donation of mine-clearing systems. Donation of air defence missiles. Support of energy supply in Ukraine. Donations of water pumps, telecoms materiel, gloves, electrical materiel.

Updated September 15th, 2023: Norway is providing NOK 1 billion to support the World Bank’s efforts to maintain civilian infrastructure and to start reconstruction efforts in Ukraine. 

Updated October 23rd, 2023: New medevac numbers. Updates on firewood, vehicles, electrical material and telecom equipment.

Updated November 22nd, 2023: NOK 200 million for mine clearance activities in Ukraine. NOK 1 billion to Ukraine before the winter. NOK 350 million to support work of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in Ukraine. NOK 1 billion to Ukraine through Norwegian organizations.

Updated December 6th, 2023: Updated medevac numbers. Added UCPM donations of wifi equipment, electrical materiel, medicines/vaccines and work clothes.