Norway to contribute approximately NOK 1,5 billion to British-led Ukraine fund

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– The Norwegian Government is preparing to contribute approximately 1,5 billion NOK to the British-led International Fund for Ukraine. This comes in addition to the 400 million NOK that Norway previously has donated to the fund. That funding was used to acquire drones, drone jamming equipment and artillery shells, says Norwegian Minister of defence Bjørn Arild Gram.

Norsk og britisk forsvarsminister (Gram og Wallace)
Forsvarsminister Bjørn Arild Gram med sin britiske kollega Ben Wallace. Credit: UK MoD

The new donation is a part of the NOK 3 billion that the Norwegian government will provide inn military support to Ukraine in 2022. (Norway to provide NOK 3 billion in military support to Ukraine -

Gram met his British colleague Ben Wallace on November 10th at a meeting held within the framework of the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF). Allies and partners are invited to contribute to the International Fund for Ukraine. The fund acquires military equipment that Ukraine requires directly from the defence industry. Norwegian industry is invited to submit bids to the fund.

 The UK is the main contributor to the fund, but other governments are invited to donate as well.

–     This fund provides equipment acquired directly from the defence industry. Norway has a world leading defence industry within certain areas, and produce systems that can supply Ukraine’s requirements. I am pleased that Norwegian industry will be able to compete for contracts through this fund, says Gram.

The British Secretary of State for Defence, Ben Wallace says:

“Norway has been unwavering in its support for Ukraine and this significant new contribution to the International Fund for Ukraine will make a material difference to providing further military aid.

I was delighted to thank Minister Bjorn Arild Gram this morning when we met in Edinburgh at a meeting of the JEF Defence Ministers.”

The Norwegian government has allocated 4,4 billion NOK in total for military support to Ukraine in 2022 and 2023. The needs of Ukraine are extensive and urgent.

An overview of Norway’s support to Ukraine and its neighbouring countries in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is available here: Norwegian support to Ukraine and neighbouring countries -

Ukrainsk badge
Illustrasjonsfoto. Credit: Torbjørn Kjosvold, Forsvaret