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Frank Bakke-Jensen (Con.)

Minister of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is a Government Office with responsibility for the formation and implementation of Norwegian security and defence policy.

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Minister of Defence Frank Bakke-Jensen

Proposal for Defence Budget 2020:

The Norwegian Government increase the defence budget by more than 2 billion Norwegian kroner

– The security situation has deteriorated. That is why this Government has increased its defence budgets every single year since we took office, and we will continue to strengthen the defence in the years to come, says Minister of Defence Frank Bakke-Jensen.

Illustrasjonsbilde P-8A Poseidon

Poseidon P-8A maritime patrol aircraft cooperation:

UK and Norway Reinforce North Atlantic Security

The UK and Norway reinforced their commitment to joint anti-submarine operations in the North Atlantic at RAF Lossiemouth today.

Forsvaret erklærte 6. november sin første operative evne med kampflyene F-35

Norway's F-35A are combat ready:

Major Milestone: Norway declares IOC for F-35A

On November 6th 2019 Norwegian air chief Major General Tonje Skinnarland declared Norway's F-35As operational, after completing a deployment in November meant to validate that they are able to operate the jets away from Norway's home base, Ørland Main Air Station.


Kristin Lund to be the first female UN leader in the Middle East

On October 6th the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gueterres announced that Major General Kristin Lund will be the new head of UNs military observers in the Middle East - United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO). Lund will make it to the history books once again becoming the first female leader for UNTSO. UNTSO is amongst others responsible for monitoring the ceasefire between Israel and the neighboring Arabic states.

Norwegian Government Proposes Significant Boost in Defence Expenditures

The Norwegian government continues to give priority to the defence sector in its annual budget proposal through a NOK 3 billion increase in 2018. It shows the government’s commitment to increase defence spending every year to meet the ambitions set out in the Long Term Plan “Capable and sustainable” for the defence sector for the years 2017-2020. In a more complex and dangerous world, Norway continues to invest in its Armed Forces.

News from the Ministry

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Forsvarsminister Frank Bakke-Jensen og den amerikanske forsvarsministeren James N. Mattis på pressemøtet i Forsvarsdepartementet 14. juli 2018.

Norwegian Minister of Defence Frank Bakke-Jensen met James N. Mattis:

US Secretary of Defense visited Norway

US Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis visited Norway on Saturday July 14th. — The United States is our closest and most important ally, and it is an honor to welcome Secretary Mattis to Oslo, said Minister of Defence Frank Bakke-Jensen in his statement.

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Norges syvende F-35 er nå levert og benyttes til utdannings- og treningsformål i USA.

The F-35 aircraft marks the start of a new era for the Norwegian Armed Forces

The F-35 remains crucial to the continued modernization of our Armed Forces and our ability to preserve Norwegian and allied security and interests. The Government marked the procurement with a ceremony at Ørland Air Base November 10th. – Today, we are marking an important milestone in the development of Norway’s defence capabilities: The arrival in Norway of the first F-35 Lightning II jets, says Prime Minister Erna Solberg.


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