Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is a Government Office with responsibility for the formation and implementation of Norwegian security and defence policy.


Illustration - German submarine.

Germany chosen as strategic partner for new submarines to Norway

After a comprehensive evaluation process, The Norwegian Government decided on Germany as strategic partner for new submarines. The partnership is based on a German-Norwegian common purchase and lifetime management of identical, new submarines.

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Norwegian Government Follows Up Long Term Defence Plan with Significant Budget Increase

The Norwegian Government this week followed up on the new Long Term Defence Plan presented in June with a 2017-budget that involves a significant increase in the funding level for the Norwegian Armed Forces. In total, the Government proposes a NOK 1.9 billion increase year on year, of which NOK 1.14 billion addresses specific measures recommended by the Long Term Defence Plan.

New submarines – status per December 2016

The Norwegian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has worked on the project for future submarines since 2007. The Norwegian Government decided in 2014 to investigate options for new submarines. This process is near its conclusion, and a recommendation is planned to be presented to the Government in 2017.

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The most important documents are bills (propositions), white papers, hearing documents and Official Norwegian Reports (NOUs). These documents are primarily available in Norwegian.


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