International operations

Participation in international operations is an important and integral part of Norway’s security and defence policy, and a steadily increasing number of armed forces personnel will in future have served overseas. Since 1947 around 100,000 Norwegian men and women have taken part in almost 100 international operations. Both the Norwegian Armed Forces and society at large have a strong responsibility to take care of the subsequent welfare of those who are sent out on demanding missions in countries where war and conflict are rife.

What's new

Military contributions to international operations in 2016

The government has done a comprehensive assessment of Norwegian military contributions to international operations in 2016.

Historic mission in Syria nears conclusion

‘I am proud of the way in which the Norwegian Armed Forces have carried out their part of the mission. Removing these weapons from Syria has been vital for ensuring that they cannot be used against the civilian population or fall into the wrong hands. The efforts of our Armed Forces are an important contribution to international peace and security. Although the operation has taken longer than first anticipated, Norway has remained determined throughout to see it through to its conclusion,’ said Minister of Defence Ine Eriksen Søreide.