Ministry of Transport and Communications

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has overall responsibility for the framework conditions for postal and telecommunications activities, for the civil aviation, public roads and rail transport sector, ferry services forming part of the national road system, for coastal management, the marine environment and port and sea transport policy.


Investing in transport for the future

“Increased investments in roads and railways; a reduction in the maintenance-lag for the first time in decades; and major investment in coastal administration. But equally important, the sector is now being reorganised to make it more efficient,” says transport minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen about the fiscal budget for 2015.

Driving under the influence of non-alcohol drugs – legal limits implemented in Norway

From 1 February 2012, legislative limits were introduced for non-alcohol drugs in Norway. It will be an offence to be over the impairment limits for each drug and drive vehicle, as it is with drink driving.

Time to modernize the Norwegian transport sector

The government has identified eight areas of priority.One of them is “Building the country”. This focus area isspecifically connected to transport and communications.

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Meld. St. 26 (2012-2013)

The aim of the National Transport Plan is to provide a super ordinate and technical basis on which to make decisions, and shall also ensure an effective use of resources and strengthen the interaction between the various modes of transport.