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The Office of the Prime Minister assists the Prime Minister in leading and coordinating the work of the Norwegian Government.


Statsminister Erna Solberg på besøk i Det hvite hus i Washington i 2016.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg to meet President Donald Trump

2018-01-10: ‘The US and Norway cooperate closely. We are also close allies, and I am looking forward to a constructive meeting,’ said Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

Erna Solberg holder nyttårstalen for 2018.

New Year's Address 2018

2018-01-01: Prime Minister Erna Solbergs new year address on national radio and television 1 January 2018.

Michael Bloomberg, Emmanuel Macron og Erna Solberg på middagen i forbindelse med One Planet Summit i Paris 11. desember 2017.

Sovereign wealth funds in new climate initiative

2017-12-12: A working group of representatives from a number of sovereign wealth funds has been established at the One Planet Summit in Paris. The group will look into what investors can do to address the financial risks posed by climate change. The Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) will take part in the working group.

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Political platform

Political platform for a government formed by the Conservative Party and the Progress Party.

The speech from the throne

When the Storting (the Parliament) assembles each year in October, it is constituted and then formally opened by the King.


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