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The Office of the Prime Minister assists the Prime Minister in leading and coordinating the work of the Norwegian Government.


Norwegian industry in Indonesia

Speech by Prime minister Erna Solberg in Jakarta, Indonesia, 14 April 2015.

Norway to contribute in the Mediterranean

The Norwegian Government has decided that the country will contribute one civilian vessel to Operation Triton in the Mediterranean. The ship will be operative in the area around 1 August, in line with needs reported by Frontex. The ship will initially be available for six months. This will be the first time for Norway to participate with a ship in an operation of this kind in the Mediterranean. If the EU decides to extend the operation’s mandate, Norway will look into how the country can further contribute.

Child mortality must be further reduced

"Since 2000, the Vaccine Alliance Gavi has helped to vaccinate 500 million children and prevent six million deaths. Despite this, 1.5 million children are still dying every year from diseases that could easily be prevented. We must therefore intensify our efforts so that even more children are vaccinated and more children survive preventable diseases," said Prime Minister Erna Solberg at Gavi’s pledging conference in Berlin today.

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Political platform

Political platform for a government formed by the Conservative Party and the Progress Party.

The speech from the throne

When the Storting (the Parliament) assembles each year in October, it is constituted and then formally opened by the King.


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