Ministry of Justice and Public Security

Monica Mæland (Con.)

Minister of Justice and Public Security

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security is responsible for the preservation and development of basic guarantees of the rule of law.

Topics and insight

Norway, Europe, Africa and Asia

Questions and answers about Norwegian immigration policy

How is responsibility divided between the Ministry, the Directorate of Immigration and the Immigration Appeals Board?

Norges riksvåpen

Civil protection and emergency preparedness

Instructions for the Ministries' work with civil protection and emergency preparedness.

Fra Halden fengsel

Goals for the justice and public security sector

The Government has clear goals and priorites for the justice and public security sector.


National Cyber Security Strategy for Norway

Strategy intended to address the challenges that inevitably arise in conjunction with the rapid and far-reaching digitalisation of Norwegian society.

Reduced Recidivism to Crime

National strategy for coordinated reintegration after served sentences 2017–2021

News from the Ministry

Illustrasjon med EUs og Storbritannias flagg

Brexit: Agreement covering citizen rights

08/02/2019: The EEA/EFTA-states and the United Kingdom have come to an agreement covering citizen rights in case the United Kingdom leaves the EU without a withdrawal agreement.

Illustrasjon fra Nasjonal strategi for digital sikkerhet

New national strategy for cyber security

30/01/2019: The Norwegian Government has launched a new national strategy to strengthen society's cyber security. Cyber security concerns everyone and is a key priority for the Government.


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