The chief task of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy is to develop a coordinated and coherent energy policy. It is an overriding goal to ensure high value creation through the efficient and environmentally-friendly management of the country’s energy resources.


Electricy Production

Modern Norway was built and industrialised when we started to utilize rivers and waterfalls to produce electricity. Hydropower is still the backbone of the Norwegian power system, and will remain so in the foreseeable future.


The service and supply industry

The service and supply industry is Norway’s second-largest industry measured in terms of turnover, after the oil and gas industry, and includes more than 1 250 companies. After more than 40 years of petroleum activities, the industry has developed cutting-edge expertise and is internationally competitive


Gas exports from the Norwegian shelf

Norway is an important supplier of oil and gas to the global market, and almost all oil and gas produced on the Norwegian shelf is exported.

What's new

Kart TFO 2020

High Interest in Continued Exploration Activity on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

The Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy offers 61 production licenses on the Norwegian continental shelf in the Award in Pre-Defined Areas 2020 (APA 2020).


Norway opens offshore areas for wind power

The government decided to open the areas "Utsira Nord" and "Sørlige Nordsjø II" for offshore renewables, including offshore wind power on June 12th 2020. This means it will be possible to submit license applications for offshore wind power projects from 2021. The Ministry is working on guidance for those actors who wish to develop offshore wind power projects. The guidance will be introduced on June 11th.


New and improved version of

The content about Norwegian petroleum activities is updated. The website is also improved to give a better user experience and overview of contents, especially on mobile phones.

Facts about Norwegian renewable energy in English

The Norwegian energy facts website is now available in English. The site contains facts about the Norwegian energy system, and can be a useful source of information for the energy sector, educational institutions, the public sector, businesses and institutions that cooperate with the energy sector.