Seabed Minerals

It is anticipated that Norway has significant seabed mineral resources. If it turns out that these deposits are profitable and can be extracted in a sustainable and responsible manner, such activities could contribute to value creation and employment in Norway and help secure the supply of important metals for the global energy transition. One area on the Norwegian continental shelf has been opened for mineral activities. The government's goal is for Norway to be a world leader in a comprehensive, sustainable, and responsible management of seabed mineral resources, based on facts and knowledge.

Nærbilde av havbunnsmineraler

Opening of Areas for Mineral Activities on Parts of the Norwegian Continental Shelf

In 2020, a process was initiated to open parts of the Norwegian continental shelf for mineral activities under the Seabed Minerals Act. Based on the impact assessment, consultation inputs, and the resource assessment from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, the government presented a white paper in 2023 on the opening of an area on the Norwegian continental shelf for mineral activities, and a strategy for the management of seabed mineral resources. This page provides an overview of relevant documents in the case.

Nærbilde av havbunnsmineraler

Deep Sea Minerals

Mineral avtivities on the seabed may have significant future market potential. The growth in demand for renewable energy sources such as solar, water, and wind increases the need for a variety of minerals. This includes minerals containing rare earth elements that are necessary in the production of wind turbines, solar panels, electric cars, and high-tech products such as mobile phones and computers.

Nærbilde av havbunnsmineraler

Timeline: Seabed minerals


This timeline provides an overview of the process of opening the Norwegian continental shelf for mineral activities on the seabed.