EU and energy

The EEA Agreement makes Norway an integral part of the EU's internal energy market. In addition, we cooperate with the EU on a wide range of topics.

Norway-EU energy cooperation

Norway has a close cooperation with the EU on energy issues, and is part of the internal energy market through the EEA agreement. The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has regular contact with the Commission. The Norwegian Minister and the EU Commissioner meet on a regular basis through the EU-Norway Energy Dialogue.

Norwegian contributions to EU-consultations

The Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has recently shared Norwegian views on the Commission's consultations on the renewable directive and the energy efficiency directives:

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Tina Bru met the Belgian Minister of energy

Tina Bru, Minister of Petroleum and Energy, met with Belgian Minister of Energy Tinne van der Straeten on Thursday for discussions on CCS, offshore wind and hydrogen.


Norway to strengthen green cooperation with EU

Norway has technology and expertise that is vital for Europe’s green transition. In a meeting between Norwegian ministers and EU commissioners on March 1st 2021, Norway and the EU agreed to strengthen cooperation on how to promote the transition to a modern and competitive low-carbon economy.