Carbon capture and storage - CCS

The Norwegian government has launched the the full scale CO2 capture, transport and storage project 'Longship'. The project was approved by the Norwegian parliament in the state budget for 2021. The total cost estimate is NOK 25.1 billion. Longship will receive state aid in accordance with negotiated agreements. The state’s part of these costs are estimated at NOK 16.8 billion.

Forside stortingmelding - Langskip

Longship - capture, transport and storage of CO2 in Norway

The Government launched 'Longship - the carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in Norway in a White Paper to the Norwegian parliament in the autumn of 2020. This comprise funding of carbon capture at Norcem’s cement factory in Brevik, and the transport and storage project Northern Lights. Northern Lights will transport liquid CO2 from capture facilities to a terminal at Øygarden in Vestland County. From there, CO2 will be pumped through pipelines to a reservoir beneath the sea bottom.


What is Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)?

CCS is short for carbon capture and storage and refers to the capturing, transporting and storage of CO₂. In English we use the word Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), and this acronym is also frequently used in Norwegian.

Drawing of CCS

CCS in Norway

The government has an ambition to realise a cost effective solution for full scale carbon capture, transport and storage (CCS) in Norway, provided this will result in technology development internationally

What's new


Funding for Longship Lights approved

The Norwegian parliament (Stortinget) adopted the Longship-project in the budget of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy for 2021. This includes funding for Longship, and the Ministry is given power of attorney to enter into agreements with Northern Lights, as proposed. The Storting also provided a few amendments, emphasising the need for cost control, risk management, and benefit realisation.


Approval of plans for CO2-storage

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has approved the development plan for Northern Lights, which is the storage part of the Longship project. The final state support agreements with the companies were signed before the weekend.