Energy and petroleum research

Research and development (R&D) on energy and petroleum is one of the Norwegian government's priorities. The government's vision is to make Norway a global leader in developing green energy.

OG21 – Oil and gas in the 21st century

The national technology strategy for the oil- and gas sector OG21 was established in 2001. It is organised by way of a board appointed by the Minister of Petroleum and Energy and a secretariat. OG21 is to enhance value creation on the Norwegian continental shelf and to promote export of Norwegian oil and gas technology.

Energi21 – National strategy for research and development of new energy technology

Energi21 is the Norwegian strategy for research, development and commercialisation of new climate friendly energy technologies. Established in 2008 it focuses on enhanced value creation and efficient use of resources in the sector by putting efforts into research and development and new technology.

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Energy and petroleum research

The aim of the research and development (R&D) policy within the energy and petroleum sector is to contribute to efficient and sustainable exploitation of Norwegian energy and petroleum resources Developing and implementing new solutions is a key element in Norway’s ambition of being a world leader within the development of environmentally friendly energy.

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