ENERGIX - Large program for energy research

The ENERGIX program was established in 2013 and supports research and development on renewable energy, energy effienciency, energy system and energy policy. ENERGIX will contribute to achieving energy policy goals as well as increased value creation from the Norwegian energy sector. It is also an important tool in the implementation of the Norwegian national research strategy, Energi21. The program covers both technological and scientific research and development, as well as social science and humanities.

The purpose of ENERGIX is contributing to realizing the government's long-term energy and climate policy, but also helps to support other important policy areas such as transport and business development. The program is aimed at Norwegian companies and research institutions that can contribute to long-term competence building to further develop the energy industry and other associated industries, such as the power-intensive industry and the supplier industry.

ENERGIX will facilitate a broad range of research, ensuring that innovative ideas and concepts have the opportunity to be assessed and realized.

The program will contribute to:

  • Sustainable utilization and efficient use of Norwegian renewable energy resources
  • Reduction of Norwegian and global greenhouse gas emissions
  • National security of energy supply
  • Strenghening innovation in both the business and the public sector
  • Further developing the Norwegian research and education communities

Read more about ENERGIX and R&D on renewable energy on the website of the Research Council of Norway.