Consumer policy cuts across organisational boundaries and involves issues that are the responsibility of a number of different ministries. The Ministry of Children and Families endeavours to strengthen consumer rights, interests and safety.

Debt settlement

The Debt Settlement Act gives individuals with serious debt problems the opportunity to gain control of their economy. A debt settlement scheme is an agreement to pay as much as possible of the debt during a limited period, and then have the remaining debt cancelled.

Consumer rights and solving disputes

Safe, well-informed and active consumers are important for the market to function well and to promote economic development. Another Government aim is to help give consumers simple, rapid and inexpensive solutions in the event of consumer disputes.

Kvinne i matbutikk

Consumer information

Information is one of the key measures in consumer policy. Consumers must have good and sufficient information about goods and services offered on the market, as well as knowledge about their rights and obligations as consumers. Information promotes consumer power and enables consumers to make informed choices.

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