Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development

Sigbjørn Gjelsvik (Cent.)

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development

The Ministry is responsible for housing policy, the Planning and Building Act, local government finances and local administration, ICT Policy and Public Sector Reform, rural and regional policy, the conduct of elections, government employer policy, Sami and minority affairs and national mapping and geodata policy.


Digital agenda for Norway in brief

The purpose of this white paper is to present the Government's policy on how Norway can exploit ICT in the best interests of society.

Meld. St. 30 (2019–2020)

An innovative public sector — Culture, leadership and competence

The White paper on Innovation in public sector (2019-20) addresses important features of the development in this field, present situation, need for change and government policy to foster innovation in public sector.

News from the Ministry

Proposal aims to make it easier to find homes for Ukrainian refugees

The government has put forward a proposal to introduce emergency powers in the Planning and Building Act to speed up the process of welcoming and finding homes for refugees from Ukraine.

Norwegian businesses and organisations donating digital equipment to Ukraine

“Being able to communicate with loved ones by phone or via the internet is essential for temporarily dispaced citizens in Norway and for people still in Ukraine. I am therefore very pleased that Norwegian businesses and organisations are donating mobile phones and other equipment through this collection campaign,” says Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Sigbjørn Gjelsvik, of the Norwegian Centre Party.

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