The coronavirus situation

Information and advice about the coronavirus situation from Norwegian authorities.

Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Olaug Vervik Bollestad (CDP)

Minister of Agriculture and Food

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food has chief responsibility for food policy and agricultural policy. Agricultural policy covers land utilisation, agriculture and forestry, reindeer and other animal husbandry, and development of new agriculture based industries.


A strategy for viable populations of wild bees and other pollinating insects

National Pollinator Strategy

The Norwegian Governments National Pollinator Strategy is now available in english. The strategy has been developed by the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food, in collaboration with the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment, the Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research and the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

The Government's Bioeconomy Strategy

The Government's Bioeconomy Strategy is now available in english. The strategy was developed in a collaboration between the Ministries of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, Agriculture and Food, Climate and Environment, Education and Research, Local Government and Modernisation, Petroleum and Energy, Transport and Communications and Foreign Affairs.

News from the Ministry

Seed boxes from many gene banks and many countries stored side by side on the shelves in the Seed Vault.

New shipment of seeds to Svalbard Global Seed Vault

03/06/2021: This week, more than 30,000 additional seed bags from five continents were deposited for safe storage in the seed vault on Svalbard. It is the largest seed deposit since the pandemic was confirmed.


125,000 cervids tested for Chronic Wasting Disease

30/03/2021: As many as 125,000 cervids have been tested at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (Veterinærinstituttet) since the first wild reindeer was diagnosed with Chronic Wasting Disease - CWD in 2016. The samples come from cervids that were hunted, as well as those found sick or injured in traffic, and testing is an important part of monitoring CWD in Norway.