Ministry of Agriculture and Food

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food has chief responsibility for food policy and agricultural policy.


Jarlsberg ost.

Export subsidies to be terminated

2015-05-29 - In a White Paper on globalization and trade, presented in Norwegian Cabinet today, the Norwegian Government proposes to terminate all agricultural export subsidies by the end of 2019.

Norwegian Government launches first animal police project

2015-04-28 - The Ministry of Agriculture and Food, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, is making animal welfare a priority objective. The Ministries have chaired a joint commission to prepare measures strengthening the role of police in criminal cases of animal abuse.

Norway will implement EU Timber regulation

2015-04-17 - As a member of the European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA) and party to the EEA agreement Norway will implement the EU timber regulation. The regulation will enter into force in Norway on the 1 May 2015. By this date, Norway will operate on the same level as the EU countries regarding the timber regulation.

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