Ministry of Agriculture and Food

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food has chief responsibility for food policy and agricultural policy. Agricultural policy covers land utilisation, agriculture and forestry, reindeer and other animal husbandry, and development of new agriculture based industries.


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Norway to export genetic material to China

2017-04-20: Today, The Norwegian Minister of Agriculture and Food Jon Georg Dale and Chinese Minister Zhi Shuping signed a protocol to regulate quarantines and health requirements for the export of genetic material from the 'Norwegian Red' breed of dairy cattle (NRC) from Norway to China.

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Reindeer Husbandry. Old tradition - unique opportunities

2017-04-05: Ecological sustainability and increased production are the basis of the unique opportunities in reindeer husbandry. The Parliamentary White Paper presents strategies and measures the industry can adopt to better exploit its potential in a rational and market-oriented direction.