Government food policy covers the entire production chain, from farm to fork - and consumer opinions are given considerable weight when policy is formulated. The main objective is to safeguard the supply of sufficient, safe and varied high quality food at a reasonable price. Due to an active and goal-oriented management of food and agriculture, Norwegian consumers can select more and more food from local farms.

Reddik og blomkål.


Food is public health and it is delight, it is national and international, trendy and traditional. Food determines family budgets and social economics, regional policy and industrial policy, management of fisheries and - not least - of agriculture.


Food and Consumers

Norwegian consumers take a great interest in how food is produced, processed and traded in Norway, and consumer opinion is given considerable weight when formulating food policies.


Food safety

In comparison to other countries, Norway has few problems with food as a disease vector. Although food safety is generally good, it requires a sustained effort to ensure that food remains safe.