Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The main task of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to secure and promote Norway’s interests internationally. Norway’s interests are determined by such factors as its geographical location in a strategically important area, its open economy, its position as a coastal state and steward of substantial marine resources, and its extensive exports of oil and gas.


Why Britain should not leave the EU

'There can be no doubt that more British influence is better for Europe than less', writes Vidar Helgesen, Norwegian Minister of EEA and EU Affairs.

A time for tough decisions and clear priorities

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes a two-track approach in its work to prepare Norway to meet the challenges of the future.

Arctic Frontiers 2015

'The overall goal for Norway’s Arctic policy is to ensure that the Arctic remains an area of peace, stability and international cooperation, said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende at Arctic Frontiers.

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Meld. St. 10 (2014-2015)

Opportunities for All: Human Rights in Norway’s Foreign Policy and Development Cooperation

Norway's arctic policy

Norway's arctic policy: Creating value, managing resources, confronting climate change and fostering knowledge. Developments in the Arctic concern us all

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