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‘Working together for a better world’. This is the ideology behind the UN. The organisation was founded after two devastating World Wars, and its primary aim is to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war.

FNs sikkerhetsråd diskuterer situasjonen i Libya (september 2019). Foto: FN

The UN General Assembly - Norway's priorities

The 74th session of the UN General Assembly opened 17 September. The most important for Norway is to promote binding international cooperation and safeguard the multilateral system and promote the country's candidature for a seat in the UN Security Council 2021-2022.

UN70 - a new agenda

Five recommendations for the next Secretary-General

Norway presented five recommendations intended for the next Secretary-General of the United Nations, together with Colombia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Jordan and Mexico.

Fra møte i FNs sikkerhetsråd.

Human rights in the new development goals

Human rights and good governance are so much more than items on an agenda. They are the pillars of human dignity, security and prosperity – and the foundations upon which meaningful lives and successful societies rest.

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Should we aspire for a seat at the UN Security Council?

06/03/2019: 'It should come as no surprise that this morning’s topic is a top priority for the government: Norway’s candidature to the UN Security Council 2021-22. So let me start by answering the question posed in the title of the seminar: Yes. Norway should aspire for a seat at the UN Security Council. It is in our national interest to do so, and we have a lot to bring to the table,' State Secretary Jens Frølich Holte said in his remarks.

Will provide NOK 660 million to UN's human rights efforts

24/09/2018: Norway has entered into a four-year agreement with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), totalling NOK 660 million. The funding will be used to strengthen the UN’s efforts to protect and promote human rights, both in individual countries and globally.

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Common Responsibility

Common Responsibility for Common Future — Meld. St. 24 (2016–2017) Report to the Storting (white paper), English summary

Oceans in Norway’s foreign and development policy

This is the first time a Norwegian government has presented a white paper on the place of the seas and oceans in the country’s foreign and development policy.


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