Security policy

The main aim of our security policy is to safeguard Norway’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and political freedom of action. A broad range of political, military, legal, diplomatic, and economic instruments are used in this work. 

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New white paper

Norwegian foreign and security policy

The global security situation has changed significantly in recent years and the world has become more unpredictable. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is drawing up a new white paper to discuss how Norwegian foreign policy can respond to these challenges.

Bilbombe har gått av i Bagdad.

New measures to fight global security challenges

The Government has presented a white paper on global security challenges in Norway’s foreign policy, in which it announces a more effective and more coherent effort to address global security challenges. Norway will allocate NOK 200 million annually to the fight against terrorism, organised crime, piracy and cyber threats.

Fra forsiden på Norges nye cyberstrategi

Government launches international cyber strategy

Norway's first international cyber strategy was launched in Oslo at the annual dialogue meeting on international cyber issues between the US and the Nordic and Baltic countries. The strategy sets out Norway's governing principles and strategic priorities relating to the whole spectrum of international cyber policy issues.


Exports of defence-related products in 2016

In 2016, Norway exported arms and military equipment for around NOK 3.6 billion. This is an increase of 10 % from 2015. Exports of arms and munitions accounted for around NOK 2.9 billion of this amount, and other defence-related products for NOK 650 million. In addition, there were exports of dual-use items, with a total value of aroundNOK 300 million.

Greater engagement against conflict and fragility

The Government is proposing a NOK 280 million increase in funding for stabilisation efforts in countries and regions affected by conflict and fragility. In addition, the Government proposes to triple support for efforts to combat global security challenges such as terrorism, extremism and organised crime.

Government to double support for Western Balkans

In the National Budget the Government intends to double Norway's aid to the region from NOK 175 million in 2017 to NOK 350 million in 2018. The Western Balkan countries are all still facing challenges relating to corruption, the rule of law, and high levels of unemployment, particularly among young people.

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White Paper

Meld. St. 37 (2014–2015)

Global security challenges in Norway’s foreign policy — Terrorism, organised crime, piracy and cyber threats