Development cooperation

The Government takes an integrated approach to Norway’s foreign and development policy. Our development policy is designed to promote economic development, democratisation, implementation of human rights, good governance and measures that can lift people out of poverty for good. Priority is given to education, humanitarian assistance, health and vaccination, private sector development, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and human rights.

Illustrasjon fra Meld.St.25 (2013-2014) Utdanning for utvikling

Education for all

Education is a human right for all children in all parts of the world. But a great deal remains to be done – 58 million children of primary school age and 70 million young people are still out of school.

Bangladesh - vaksineprogram. Foto: Gavi The Vaccine Alliance

Global Health

Norway plays a leading role in efforts to promote global health. Improving the health of the world’s population is essential for reducing poverty.

Oil has been discovered in Turkana, Lake Turkana in Kenya. Photo:

Norway and Kenya: Oil for Development programme

Kenya has requested assistance from Norway in developing its petroleum sector. Through the programme Oil for Development, Norway will support Kenya in improving management of its natural resources and protection of the environment.


Job creation is the key to fighting poverty

07.09.17: The most effective way to reduce poverty is to create jobs. That is why we need bold, forward-looking partners who are prepared to take the risk of investing in poor countries, write Minister of Foreign Affairs, Børge Brende, and chief executive officer in Norfund, Kjell Roland.

Double support for renewable energy

05.04.17: Access to renewable energy is crucial for sustainable development and job creation in poor countries. In the white paper on the Sustainable Development Goals and Norwegian development policy, the Government therefore proposes a doubling of its funding for renewable energy.

Concerted effort to advance the 2030 Agenda

05.04.17: The overall aims of Norwegian aid are to fight poverty and alleviate suffering. The UN Sustainable Development Goals are bringing the countries of the world together in a concerted effort to eliminate poverty by 2030.

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