A large proportion of the grants are awarded to development projects, but support is also provided to projects in key foreign policy areas such as security, Arctic issues, EU/EEA affairs, cultural cooperation, and public diplomacy. You can find information about all the active grant agreements in the Ministry's Grants Portal.

Grants allocated under the Ministry's budget may be managed by the Ministry, Norad, FK Norway, or other agencies.

For information about calls for proposals, including deadlines, objectives, target groups, allocation criteria, and the responsible unit, read here.

Information about other grant schemes can be found here (Norwegian only).

The Ministry and Norad have a joint digital portal for applications for grants. The portal can be accessed from and Two of the Ministry's grant schemes are currently included in the portal:

  • Development and disarmament (2017)
  • Information about European cooperation (2018)

All applications for grants under these schemes must be sent through the portal. Applicants must follow the portal's guidelines when filling in the application.

All development projects supported by the Ministry must take the following cross-cutting issues properly into account:

  • anti-corruption
  • women's rights and gender equality
  • climate change and environment
  • human rights

The Grants Portal: