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The Ministry's announcements of grants and calls for proposals.

Grant scheme


Global security challenges
The main objective of the grant scheme is to combat global security challenges, with particular focus on countries affected by conflict and fragility, regions in North Africa, the Sahel, the Horn of Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia, and to support relevant analyses and the development of situational awareness.

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15 January 2021
11 GMT

Disarmament and security
Please contact the Section for Global Security and Disarmament for more information. 

17 February

Call for proposals on global security issues
The objectives of the grant scheme are to: strengthen transatlantic cooperation and dialogue on security policy issues, promote policies within NATO that ensure the continued political and military relevance of the Alliance, increase knowledge of relevant security policy issues, including conventional, non-conventional and hybrid threats and challenges, and enhance awareness of their consequences for Norwegian interests, reduce the risk of radicalisation, violent extremism and terrorism, reduce international organised crime and illegal trade, improve maritime security and ensure that the internet remains open, secure, robust and free. Read more


October 20

Development and disarmament
The main objective of the grant scheme is to strengthen and promote the implementation of international frameworks for nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.


No calls for the moment

International cultural engagement 

The objective of the grant scheme is to enhance Norwegian cultural professionals and practitioners' international opportunities, expand their networks and enable them to take part in global developments in their fields, so that they can also contribute to a vibrant and dynamic arts and culture scene in Norway.

The target group is arts and culture institutions and organisations, the arts industry, and cultural professionals and practitioners that are established in Norway.

The priorities for this grant scheme are set out in the Storting's approval of the Ministry's budget proposal (Prop. 1 S) on a yearly basis, and the availability of funding is therefore subject to the annual appropriation in the national budget.


Travel grants for artists resident in Norway
Travel grants may also be awarded to Norwegian artists who are cooperating with cultural partners in developing countries.
See also the support programmes for international arts and culture cooperation: Support programmes for international art and cultural collaboration.



No specific date

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Carnegie Corporation of New York: Promoting Innovative Approaches to Peacebuilding
Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are joining efforts to promote innovative approaches in the broad and evolving field of peacebuilding.