Forms and guides

Applicants for project and programme support should normally use the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ application form S01 (Norwegian) / S01 (English).

The Guide to filling in S01 application form provides useful information related to the filling of the form. This Guide explains e.g. the implementation plan, the goal hierarchy and the detailed budget

Applicants for small scale grants (e.g. travel support, arrangement support, conference attendance, productions) should normally use the application form S02 (English) or S02 (Norwegian).

Please consult the Guidelines for each grant scheme for information on goal, target group, grant allocation criteria, deadlines and requirements to the applicant/ application.

If you would like the application form in pdf format, please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Application forms

Report forms

Reporting requirements shall be part of the grant agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the grant recipient.

The following report forms may be used:

Other forms