Food, fisheries and agriculture

Soil protection

Compared to many other countries, Norway has limited areas of arable land. Safeguarding food production requires strong soil protection measures, combined with better utilization of available farmland.However, soil conservation must be balanced against other requirements. Facing future challenges, therefore, requires a comprehensive soil protection strategy.

Harving av åker.

Soil conservation

Soil conservation aims to safeguard that it is possible for the population, now and in the future, to grow their own food on their own soil.

Siden andre verdenskrig er minst 1,2 millioner dekar (1 dekar = 1000 kvadratmeter) dyrket og dyrkbar mark blitt omdisponert til andre formål – gjennomsnittlig nesten 19.000 dekar årlig. Foto: Colourbox

Reallocation of farmland

Sometimes it is necessary to reallocate agricultural land in order to meet other national requirements.

Gården Dølan i Malvik kommune, Sør-Trøndelag. Foto: Aage Storsve

Preservation of cultural landscapes

Agriculture contributes to the upkeep and preservation of cultural landscapes, a significant national asset, characterized by cultural and natural diversity.