Oil and Gas

The petroleum industry is Norway's largest industry.

oil rig

Norway’s oil history in 5 minutes

In the late 1950s, very few people believed that the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) might conceal rich oil and gas deposits. However, the discovery of gas at Groningen in the Netherlands in 1959 caused people to revise their thinking on the petroleum potential of the North Sea.

norwegian supply industry

The service and supply industry

The service and supply industry is Norway’s second-largest industry measured in terms of turnover, after the oil and gas industry, and includes more than 1 250 companies. After more than 40 years of petroleum activities, the industry has developed cutting-edge expertise and is internationally competitive.


Licensing rounds

Licensing rounds entail that Norwegian and foreign oil companies are invited to apply for production licences for defined areas within a given deadline. Two equal licensing rounds have been established to achieve expedient exploration of both mature and frontier areas on the Norwegian shelf. All areas opened for petroleum activity can be announced in numbered licensing rounds or be included in the APA area.

What's new


Announcement of exploration area through APA 2022

Through the annual licensing round APA (allocations in predefined areas), the oil companies are given the opportunity to gain access to attractive exploration area on the Norwegian shelf. The Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy ha announced this year's licensing round for APA 2022. The companies' application deadline in this licensing round is set for Monday 12th of September 2022 at 12.00.

Bilde fra Edvard Grieg-feltet i Nordsjøen.

Updated estimate for Norwegian gas deliveries in 2022

Based on production so far this year and the latest information on the coming months, the Norwegian authorities have updated the estimate for gas deliveries from the fields on the Norwegian shelf in 2022. The updated estimate for gas sales in 2022 is 122 billion Sm3. The majority of the increase is related to increased deliveries through the gas pipelines.