Offshore wind

The areas Utsira Nord and Sørlige Nordsjø II were opened for offshore renewable energy production in June 2021. The Government will submit a proposal to the Storting in the course of spring 2022 for amendments to the Offshore Energy Act and the appurtenant regulations. The Government plans to open an area totalling five to six times the size of Southern North Sea II, or roughly 1 % of Norway’s sea areas. This will be done in stages by 2040.


The History of Norwegian Hydropower in 5 Minutes

Modern Norway was built and industrialised when we started to utilize rivers and waterfalls to produce electricity. Hydropower is still the backbone of the Norwegian power system, and will remain so in the foreseeable future.


The Energy Administration in Norway

The Norwegian Storting (parliament) determines the political framework for energy and water resources management in Norway. The Government has the executive authority through its various ministries.

What's new

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Ambitious offshore wind initiative

Norway has ambitious goals on offshore wind. The target is to open up areas that will generate use of offshore wind power to generate new electricity on a par with the total amount of electricity currently produced in Norway by 2040.


Offshore wind plans on Sørlige Nordsjø II

The Government has decided that the electricity production from phase one of wind power production in the Sørlige Nordsjø II will be transmitted via subsea cable to the Norwegian mainland. The goal is to establish a model for allocating sea areas based on auctions. The Government will determine how to connect this additional electricity to the grid on the basis of a study on different grid alternatives for offshore wind power and their respective effects on the power system.