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PETROMAKS2 – large program for petroleum research

PETROMAKS2 succeeds the PETROMAKS program, which was completed in 2012. The program is administered by the Research Council of Norway and includes both strategic basic research and competence development as well as applied research and technology development.

The main goal of PETROMAKS 2 is to contribute to increased value creation by developing and utilizing Norwegian petroleum resources within an environmentally sound framework.

The program will contribute to achieving goals in the industry's own strategy for research and technology development, OG21 - Oil and Gas in the 21st Century, which also includes priority goals for health, safety and environment.

Through basic and applied research, the program will contribute to new competence and innovations within OG21's main priorities:

  • Emission reductions, energy efficiency and environment
  • Exploration and increased oil recovery
  • Drilling, completion and intervention
  • Production, processing and transport
  • Safety and working environment

Furthermore, the program has four cross-cutting priorities that are linked to the five thematic areas:

  • The High North
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency
  • Digitization
  • Challenges in organizing, implementing and using new technology.

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