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The petroleum research centers (PETROCENTER) are established to solve defined challenges for the utilization of petroleum resources. The centers work with challenges of great national importance and receive public funding for a maximum period of eight years.

PETROCENTER consists of research institutions  and industry partners, and involves a long-term and targeted research effort at a high international level.

The program was established in 2013 and is administered by the Research Council of Norway. The centers that have been established so far are:

ARCEx and the National IOR Center were established in 2013 and ended their operation in 2021. LowEmission started up in 2019. NCS2030 and CSSR were established in 2021. The centres will provide new knowledge for value creation and utilisation of remaining resources on the Norwegian continental shelf. Reduction of GHG from offshore petroleum activites is central for both centres and they will contribute to attaining the zero emission goal for the sector.

The centers can have a duration of eight years, but will be assessed after five years of operation.

Read more about petroleum research on the website of the Research Council of Norway.