The Norwegian Government’s hydrogen strategy

Towards a low emission society

This hydrogen strategy is a contribution to the process of developing new low emission technologies and solutions. An increased focus on hydrogen in Norway is in line with the goal of having internationally competitive businesses which develop the technology and solutions addressing tomorrow’s challenges. We will grasp the opportunities presented by the green transition.

Hydrogen is an energy carrier with a significant potential for reducing local, national and global emissions, and for creating economic value for Norwegian businesses. If hydrogen is to be a low or zero emission energy carrier, it must be produced with low or zero emissions, for example through natural gas reforming combined with CCS, or from electrolysis of water using renewable electricity. Hydrogen presents exciting opportunities for Norway, as an energy nation and a technology nation.

Published by:
Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment
Publication number: Y-0127 E
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Correction in graph 3.1 on page 25: Emissions from "The heating of private housholds and commerce"  is 0.9 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents (2 percent of total emissions).