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Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research

The first Research Centers for Environmentally Friendly Energy (FME) were established in 2009. The programme is administered by the Research Council of Norway (RCN) and involves support for research centers (consortia) consisting of a host institution and partners from both the research community as well as industry. On being awarded FME-status the consortia will receive funding from the RCN for a period of up to eight years.

In 2009, the first eight Norwegian research groups received status as research centers for environmentally friendly energy (FME). The scheme was continued and from 2016-17, eight new technological research consortia were awarded status as FME centers.

These are:

In addition, a separate center for wind energy was allocated with the main emphasis on offshore wind in 2020:

FME NorthWind - Norwegian Research Center on Wind Energy

The research centers contribute to a broad collaboration between leading research institutions and innovative companies in Norway as well as a close collaboration with international actors. The FME centers can have a duration of maximum eight years, but will be assessed after five years of operation.

In 2011, the scheme was extended to also apply to social science energy and climate research. Then three centers were allocated. Their period expired in 2019 and was replaced by two new social science FME centers.

These are: