Bane NOR SF is a public enterprise owned by the Ministry of Transport. Bane NOR SF's main task is keeping the railway infrastructure functioning normally and available for passengers and cargo transport on the national railway network. The enterprise has been assigned specific tasks that involve planning, physical development, management, operation and maintenance of the national railway network, along with overseeing rail traffic control and managing the plots and properties on which the railway network is laid.

Bane NOR SF is a state-owned public corporation (SF) owned by the Ministry of Transport. The enterprise’s activities are governed by its articles of association and has a corporate governance structure, and is partly run through agreements with the Norwegian Railway Directorate. Bane NOR SF’s activities are mainly funded through the Directorate’s purchase of services, in addition to income from the sale of services to train companies, railway infrastructure usage fees and income related to real estate activities.

Bane NOR SF is the railway infrastructure manager as defined in national railway legislation, tasked with offering a working railway infrastructure to train companies. Bane NOR SF is also responsible for safety and availability of infrastructures for all rail traffic.

Bane NOR SF is the operative coordinator for safety work within the sector, which also entails a responsibility on the part of rail operators to provide Bane NOR SF with all necessary information to keep the railway system safe. Bane NOR SF has been assigned operative responsibility for coordinating emergency preparedness and handling crises.

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