Subordinate agencies

  • Accident Investigation Board Norway

    An administrative agency responsible for investigating accidents and incidents in the civil aviation, railway and road sectors. Investigations are intended to improve safety and prevent accidents in the transport sector. The Board does not apportion blame and liability under civil or criminal law.

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  • Civil Aviation Authority - Norway

    An administrative agency responsible for ensuring safe and efficient operation of civil aviation. Issues regulations, lays down standards for civil aviation activities in Norway, grants licences and operating permits to persons and companies intending to conduct aviation and related activities. Oversees compliance with regulations and conditions.

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  • Norwegian centre for oil spill preparedness and marine environment

    A national competence center for the promotion of knowledge, cost-effective and environmentally friendly technologies and methods for oil recovery operations and reduction of marine plastics.

  • Norwegian Communications Authority

    An administrative agency responsible for administering legislation in the post and telecommunications area and for competition regulation. Adopts and supervises compliance with regulations, oversees actors in the post and telecommunications area and is responsible for standardisation, awarding and control of licences and frequency management.

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  • Norwegian Public Roads Administration

    An administrative agency consisting of the Directorate of Public Roads and five regional offices. Responsible for the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of the national and county road networks.

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  • Norwegian Railway Authority

    An administrative agency responsible for public interests in relation to safety issues on the railway. Oversees railway operators and handles applications for authorisation to engage in railway operation.

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  • Road Supervisory Authority

    The task of the Road Supervisory Authority is to monitor and inspect the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the state-owned construction company Nye Veier AS (New Roads Corporation).

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  • The Norwegian National Coastal Administration

    The Norwegian National Coastal Administration is the Ministry’s advisory and executive body in matters pertaining to the administration of ports and seaways. The National Coastal Administration is organised into five coastal regions, each of which has a local regional office. The head office in Ålesund is responsible for the overall administration of these districts. The Norwegian Coastal Administration’s Department of Emergency Response, is located in Horten.

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  • The Norwegian Railway Directorate

    The Norwegian Railway Directorate is the coordinating agency for Norway’s railway sector. The Directorate advises the Ministry on all matters involving railways and rail transport and is authorised to requisition services from the infrastructure manager (Bane NOR SF) and train operating companies. The Directorate is an administrative agency under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport and Communication.

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