Subordinate enterprises

  • Avinor AS

    The company owns state airports and plans civil aviation infrastructure. It provides airport and aviation safety services for passengers and airlines and other users of civil aviation installations.

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  • Bane NOR SF

    Bane NOR SF is a public enterprise owned by the Ministry of Transport and Communication. Bane NOR SF's main task is keeping the railway infrastructure functioning normally and available for passengers and cargo transport on the national railway network. The enterprise has been assigned specific tasks that involve planning, physical development, management, operation and maintenance of the national railway network, along with overseeing rail traffic control and managing the plots and properties on which the railway network is laid.

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  • Norwegian State Railways (NSB AS)

    A limited company wholly state-owned by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The ministry is the company’s general meeting. The main activities are passenger transport by train and bus and goods transport.

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  • Nye veier AS (New Roads)

    The company’s activities include planning, construction, operation and maintenance of major highways that bind our country together and connect Norway to major highways abroad.

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