• The Communication Unit

    The Communication Unit coordinates and initiates contact with the media and the rest of society, and deals with matters relating to communication within the Ministry.

    Department director: Head of Communications Susanne Moen Stephansen

  • Department of Strategy, Economic Affairs and Administration

    The department is responsible for the coordination of EEA work in the Ministry and following this up in accordance with The Ministry's EEA strategy. The Planning Section works with the long term planning, investigation and analysis of problems across transport sectors. The Finance Section’s responsibilities include the co-ordination and control of the work on the National Budget and central government accounts. The Administrative Section co-ordinates internal planning processes associated with personnel, organizational and ICT development.

    Department director: Director General Tore Raasok

  • Department of Public and Rail Transport

    The Rail Transport Section works with framework conditions, planning and budgeting in the railway and other rail-based transport area, including the regulation of legislation and regulations in the area. The Public and Professional Transport Section works with public transport and the means which can promote increased public transport.

    Department director: Director General Fredrik Birkheim Arnesen

  • Department of Coastal Affairs and Environment

    The Department of Coastal Affairs and Environment is responsible for the administration of matters relating to coastal administration, hereunder maritime transport, harbours, ports and fairways, the transport of goods by sea and preventive maritime safety and contingency plans to combat severe pollution. The Department is also responsible for the co-ordination of the Ministry’s work in connection with matters relating to the environment and climate for all forms of transport. The Department is responsible for The Act Relating to Ports and Fairways (The Port Act), The Act Relating to the Pilotage Service (the Pilotage Act) and segments of the Svalbard Environmental Protection act and the Pollution Control Act. Further the Department is responsible for the supervision of the subordinate agencies the Norwegian Coastal Administration and the Centre for Oil Pollution Control and Marine Environment.

    Department director: Director General Ottar Ostnes

  • Department of Civil Aviation and Postal Services

    The Section for Regulatory Matters has overall responsibility for legislative and regulatory work in the areas of civil aviation and the postal services. The Section for Governance and Procurement is responsible for public agencies and ownership governance of the department’s sub agencies and companies. The section is also responsible for the procurement of non-profitable aviation and postal services. The Public Safety and Security Unit, which is also part of the department, is responsible for co-ordinating the Ministry's work on public safety and security, including contingency planning and crisis management, across the transport sector as a whole.

    Department director: Director General Tove Kristin Flølo

  • Department of Public Roads, Urban Mobility and Traffic Safety

    The Road Section is responsible for planning, construction, operation and maintenance of our state highways and has overall responsibility for the governance of The Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The section is responsible for toll financing and for state highway ferries. The Road Safety Section is responsible for the Ministry’s work with traffic safety on roads and has administrative responsibility for road traffic legislation. The Urban Section’s responsibility includes the Ministry’s work with urban environment and urban area growth agreements, state part-financing of large public transport projects, toll road fee packages in urban areas and land use policy, public transport, environment and technology development which is relevant to urban areas. International work relating to land use and transport planning in towns and cities are also among the section’s work assignments.

    Department director: Director General Anders Buttedahl

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