Norway provides additional weapons to Ukraine

This content is more than 2 years old.

The Norwegian government has offered an additional 2000 M72 light anti-armour weapons to Ukraine.

This donation comes in addition to the 2000 M72s as well as helmets and flak jackets that have already been delivered.

The weapons are donated to Ukraine to enable the country to defend itself against Russia’s invasion.

- Ukraine has asked for military equipment since the beginning of the invasion in order to defend themselves against Russian forces that attack both civilian and military targets. Norway has, alongside other countries, answered these pleas with an additional delivery of anti-armour weapons that can be deployed against Russian forces, says Minister of Defence Odd Roger Enoksen.

-Ukraine depends on weapons offered by other countries to continue their resistance against Russia’s unlawful attack. If Ukraine succeeds, it will not only secure Ukrainian independence but also contribute to uphold the norm of peaceful conflict resolution and respect for European borders, says the Minister of Defence.

The weapons have already been shipped to Ukraine.