Norway provides an air defense system to Ukraine

This content is more than 2 years old.

-The conflict could draw out in time, and Ukraine is dependent on international support to withstand Russian aggression. The Norwegian government has therefore decided to donate Mistral air defense to Ukraine, says Norwegian Minister of Defence Bjørn Arild Gram.

-The Mistral air defense system is an effective weapon that is being used by the Norwegian Navy. The system will be of great benefit to Ukraine, says the Minister of Defence.

The government has previously provided 4 000 M72 light anti-armour weapons as well as helmets and flak jackets to Ukraine. Several other countries are offering weapons and military grade equipment.

The Norwegian government now donates approximately 100 Mistral air defense missiles and a number of launchers. The Mistral air defense system is being used on Navy minesweepers and corvettes. The system was slated to be phased out within few years. Hence, the impact of Norway’s readiness will not be significantly reduced by providing the system to Ukraine.

- The missile is going to be phased out of the Norwegian Armed Forces, but it is still a modern and effective weapon that will be of great use to Ukraine. Other countries have also donated similar systems, says the Minister of Defence.

The weapons have already been shipped to Ukraine.


Mistral-luftvernsystem Credit: Forsvaret