Norway soon to start training Ukrainian soldiers in the UK

This content is more than 1 year old.

The need for training Ukrainian soldiers is extensive and Norway’s contribution will be valued by Ukraine and allies both. Norway’s Minister of Defence Bjørn Arild Gram confirmed on August 11 at the donor conference for Ukraine in Copenhagen that Norway will assist in the training of Ukrainian soldiers in Great Britain.–The Norwegian contribution is now in place in the UK to start the training of Ukrainian soldiers. The Chief of the Home Guard is in charge of the Norwegian contribution, which consists of personnel from the Norwegian Army and the Home Guard, says the Norwegian Minister of Defence Bjørn Arild Gram.

Operation Interflex is a British initiative to contribute to build Ukrainian forces through training. The training of Ukrainian soldiers in United Kingdom has been going on since June 2022. As of today, more than 5000 Ukrainian soldiers have been trained. The UK has invited allies to contribute in this training. Norway has, as one of several countries, responded positively to this request.

– Norway and Great Britain has a long and very good tradition when it comes to defence cooperation. Together with other nations we have responded positivily to train Ukrainian soldiers in the UK. Norway will contribute with instructors to assist with training in basic soldiering skills. We follow a British education-program that will give the Ukrainian soldiers a lot of basic knowledge in a short period of time, says the Minister of Defence. Gram visited the Home Guard at Værnes on October 7th with major general Elisabeth Michelsen, chief of the Home Guard.

The Russian aggression in Ukraine continues unperturbed. Ukraine will need significant military support from allies and Western countries in the time ahead. The Norwegian government will continue its military support for Ukraine, chiefly through donations of military equipment, the acquisitions of new military equipment and the training of Ukrainian forces.