Continued long-term support from Norway to Ukraine

At his meeting with President Zelensky in Oslo today, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre reaffirmed that Norway will continue to support Ukraine’s fight for freedom. Norway will be donating additional air defence equipment to help protect the Ukrainians against Russian attacks, and will provide over NOK 3 billion to the Ukrainian government administration to maintain critical public services such as schools and health care.

‘We are in close dialogue with Ukraine on what the country needs most urgently, and together with our Allies we will do our utmost to provide the necessary assistance. Russia’s war in Ukraine is a war against our collective security, democratic rights and values as well. Together with our Allies and partners in Europe and the rest of the world, Norway will continue to support Ukraine in its fight to defend itself. Russia’s war violates fundamental principles of international law. Our security, welfare and freedom all rest on a rules-based order, and on finding ways to resolve conflicts without the use of violence,’ said Prime Minister Støre.

In February, the Storting (Norwegian parliament) reached broad political agreement on the five-year, NOK 75 billion Nansen Support Programme for Ukraine. At the meeting in Oslo on Wednesday, Prime Minister Støre announced four key allocations to Ukraine under this long-term support package.

  • NOK 135 million in budget support to the Ukrainian government administration, to enable them to deliver critical services such as education, health care and payment of pensions. In addition, Norway will disburse NOK 3 billion in budget support to Ukraine early next year. This support will be channelled through the Ukraine Relief, Recovery, Reconstruction and Reform Trust Fund (URTF) under the World Bank.
  • NOK 335 million for additional donations of air defence equipment to protect the Ukrainians against Russian attacks.
  • NOK 1 billion in co-financing to strengthen the capacity of the defence industry to produce more ammunition and missiles.
  • NOK 137 million in support to the UN’s Winter Response Plan for Ukraine, earmarked for food and water, warm clothes, blankets, and places for people to stay if their housing is destroyed during the winter.

This funding is in addition to the contributions already announced in 2023.

Another cold winter of war

‘Ukraine is entering the third winter since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of its neighbouring country. When it comes to military support, Norway will now be providing more air defence equipment to protect Ukrainian cities against the Russian attacks. In addition, we will provide co-financing to strengthen the capacity of the defence industry in order to ensure that Ukraine has access to sufficient ammunition to defend itself,’ said Prime Minister Støre.

More than half of the total assistance provided by Norway for 2023 is in the form of military support, with particular focus on air defence.

In addition to fierce fighting along a front line equal in length to the distance between Oslo and Bodø, Russia continues to attack civilian infrastructure and wreak havoc on Ukraine’s economy. This is having a severe impact on the Ukrainian people.

‘The Ukrainian state is dependent on foreign support in order to keep schools and hospitals running and to continue to deliver basic public services. At the same time, many Ukrainians are experiencing power outages due to Russian attacks. We must do what we can to help provide aid to people who are already under great pressure, and are once again heading into a very tough winter,’ said Mr Støre.