Increasing the capacity for explosive ordnance disposal in Ukraine

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Norway will provide instructors as part of a multinational effort to provide training on Explosive Ordnance Disposal to Ukrainian military personnel, Norwegian Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram (Sp) said during the international meeting for support for Ukraine on 20 January. The Norwegian government is continuously working on new donations and contributions to Ukraine.

Minister of Defence Bjørn Arild Gram
Minister of Defence Bjørn Arild Gram Credit: Marie Lamo, MoD


To the meeting in Ramstein, the US Secretary of Defense had invited around 50 countries and organizations, which discussed further contributions to Ukraine and the coordination of this support.

Norway already contributes instructors to basic training of Ukrainian soldiers through Operation Interflex in United Kingdom. This effort will continue in 2023, and Norway will increase the number of instructors. Norway also contributes financial support and instructors to the EU Military Assistance Mission for Ukraine.

- Training and education of Ukrainian personnel are absolutely central to maintain Ukraine’s ability to defend itself against Russia’s invasion, says Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram

In addition, Norway will provide a smaller number of instructors to an Icelandic initiative to build up the Ukrainian capacity to Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD). The training is a cooperation between the Nordic countries, and will be carried out in Lithuania

- Russia makes indiscriminate use of artillery, rockets and missiles in its warfare. Unexploded remnants of these munitions must be disposed of to reduce the threat to both the Ukrainian civilian population and its military. There will be a significant need for mine and explosive ordnance disposal both now and during the reconstruction of the country, says Gram.

The training will be carried out in multiple sessions during 2023. Norway will also donate necessary equipment.

New donations of material were discussed during the meeting in Ramstein.

- The government will continue to support Ukraine as long as necessary. We are working on more donations and contributions, both directly from Norway and through collaboration with other countries. The government is planning a larger support package for Ukraine that will last several years, says Gram.


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