Offers advanced training for Ukrainian soldiers in Norway

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- Norway will train Ukrainian soldiers as medical specialist, junior officers and snipers, says Minister of Defense, Bjørn Arild Gram.

Minister of Defense, Bjørn Arild Gram during visit to the british-led Operation Interflex in 2022.
Minister of Defense, Bjørn Arild Gram during visit to the british-led Operation Interflex in 2022. Credit: Norwegian Armed Forces


Norway is already contributing to the training of Ukrainian soldiers through Operation Interflex in Great Britain. This effort will continue in 2023, and the number of instructors will increase. Norway also contributes financial support and instructors to the EU's training mission for Ukraine, and Norway will contribute to a Nordic initiative where several nations train Ukrainian explosive ordnance disposal specialist.

The training of Ukrainian soldiers will happen in Norway. The plan is to start the training this spring and conduct several rounds throughout 2023.

- The training will complement other training initiatives. Our contribution will strengthen the overall training effort and is welcomed by both Ukraine and our allies. This training will quickly strengthen the capabilities of Ukrainian soldiers and increase the total number of soldiers western countries can train, says Gram.

Ukraine will have a significant need for military support in the time to come, and training is an important part of this support.

- Ukraine needs more and better-trained soldiers to fight the Russian invasion forces. In addition, they need to increase their competence in several professional fields. It is important that Norway contribute with training and share the burden with our allies, says Gram.

The government will continue to support Ukraine as long as necessary.

- Work is ongoing to contribute more with donations and other initiatives, both directly from Norway and through collaboration with other countries. The government is planning a larger multiyear aid package for Ukraine, says Gram.

Overview of Norwegian support to Ukraine:

Norwegian support to Ukraine and neighbouring countries -

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Norway will continue to contribute to the training of Ukrainian soldiers . Credit: Norwegian Armed Forces