Norway to increase short term defence spending in 2022

This content is more than 2 years old.

– Pending parliamentary approval, the Norwegian Government has allocated NOK 3 billion to increase the activity and preparedness of the Norwegian Armed Forces in 2022. The proposed spending will for the most part be dedicated to strengthen our preparedness in the North, says the Norwegian Minister of Defence.

Fra pressekonferansen 18. mars
Fra pressekonferansen 18. mars. Credit: Ingrid Dåsnes, FD

– The allocated sum will increase our readiness and allow us to speed up previously planned acquisitions needed to strengthen the defence capability of the armed forces, says Minister of Defence, Odd Roger Enoksen.

The government proposes the following measures:

  • Allocate NOK 800 million to increased maritime activity in the High North. We will sail more with our frigates, submarines, corvettes and the Coast Guard. This also entails increased maintenance of our vessels in order to ensure operational flexibility.
  • Earmark NOK 650 million to increased activity in the Army and Home Guard. Brigade North, Finnmark Land Defence and large parts of the Home Guard will exercise and train more.
  • Allocate NOK 1 billion to replenish wartime contingency defence supplies. We will acquire and increase our stock of ammunition, personal gear, critical equipment and replenish prioritized fuel stocks.
  • Allocate NOK 350 million in order to increase our ability receive allied reinforcements, primarily in the North. This is a force multiplier for national defence efforts.
  • Allocate NOK 200 million in order to strengthen the Armed Forces’ ability to prevent and stop digital threats and bolster the intelligence service (NIS).

The measures are in line with the advice of the Chief of Defence. They are also measures that we can implement quickly and that will have an immediate effect. We will continue to look at how the Norwegian Armed Forces will be strengthened in 2023 and the coming years. Together with the Minister of Justice and Public Security the Minister of Defence is also proposing to strengthen key aspects of countering hybrid threats (

– Russia has demonstrated a will to use both military and non-military means. Even though Norway is not necessarily the object of Russia’s actions, it does not leave us invulnerable. We are exposed and vulnerable to hybrid threats, says the Minister of Defence Odd Roger Enoksen.

The government will describe the various measures in detail in a proposition to the Parliament, scheduled to be submitted before Easter.